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We always strive to help homeowners to complete the home selling transaction in the most stress-less, professional and mutually-beneficial way. Our mission is to help out our clients no matter what and reach a win-win situation for both sides. We would love to do business with you too. So, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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If you're facing any of the following situations, we'll buy your house within 3 to 30 days:

Difficult tenants can make your job as a landlord feel more like a punishment. When you want to eliminate stress by selling your rental house with tenants still living in it, you could be in for a long road ahead. Because the tenants run with the land, your reason for selling might stop buyers from making an offer.

Foreclosure is a painful phase in the lives of homeowners. However, most people do not know that if you act quickly, you can sell the house fast before the auction day comes. Selling a house in pre-foreclosure may be difficult but you can always find a company that buys houses and specializes in dealing with such situations.

Relocation can be exciting as well as stressful due to various factors. Selling your property can be the main concern, especially if you don’t have enough time before you make the move. Selling a house in a traditional way is a pretty slow process. And if you have moved to the new place before selling it, it means you are paying two sets of utility bills and taxes.

It may not be possible for some homeowners to take on expensive repairs before selling the house. They may prefer to sell AS IS due to financial constraints or for other reasons. However, if the repairs are not done, the price would have to lower and a buyer of a house with serious repairs may also have difficulty in getting the mortgage, which will make you wait for a longer time.

Going through a divorce can be an emotional period for both parties. There are many things to consider. Particularly deciding what to do with the house can be on the top of the list of priorities. In most cases, either spouse alone cannot afford to pay the mortgage so the house has to be sold. Oftentimes, both ex-partners want to sell it fast, which can be hard or impossible.

Whether you’re trying to move on from your loss sooner or avoid the hassle of untangling probate complications with the property, quickly selling your inherited house can be in your best interest. But finding a buyer can be more difficult than you expect, especially if the estate is old, in poor condition, or simply not an attractive listing.

Fallen behind on your taxes and having an IRS tax lien on your property must be taken seriously. Going through the traditional route to sell your house can take months which you may not have. If you are unable to raise funds to pay off the taxes, then you need to find a fast method of selling your property to avoid losing your house and getting nothing in return.

Whether you lose your income or someone forces you into bankruptcy, it is likely that you may lose your house. You may end up selling your home for much less than its market price to avoid letting the appointed official receiver sell the house at an even lower price. However, selling your house in bankruptcy can take too long if you go the traditional selling way.

It can be heartbreaking to own and then try to sell a home in a location of Kingwood where too few people consider to buy properties. The problems of a bad neighborhood can include excessive noise, higher crime rate, and more. Additionally, if you have legal property-related problems with your neighbors, you should disclose them to potential buyers, which makes it difficult to sell your home as soon as you would like to.

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Read why thousands of Kingwood homeowners sold their houses to us:

Selling super fast

It can take from a few months to a year to sell a house. But Cash for Kingwood Homes buy properties in 3 to 30 days. Most transactions last under 14 days!

Zero fees

We don’t make you pay any closing costs, agent commissions and hidden fees. Our clients receive the full amount specified in the offer, in cash.

Selling for cash

Normally, sellers need to wait for buyers going through a long process of mortgage approval. We already have cash that we are ready to pay you.

No annoying showings

Selling your house to us will save you from preparing and presenting your home to multiple difficult buyers, which can be time-consuming and emotionally hard.

Selling 'AS IS'

We buy houses in any condition As Is, saving our clients from all the problems of carrying out any repairs. Most buyers demand a neat house, but not us.

Skipping waiting for an offer

Our obligation-free cash offer on any house comes within 24 hours after we come to appraise your home, no matter how long it takes to sell an average house in your neighborhood.

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